Albree Blake - Eve

I grew up in Mannford, OK and I Attend Church on the move! I portray a few different side characters in My Deliverer but my main roll is, Eve. Over these past few months I’ve learned so much not just about the myself but I’ve grown so much closer to the people performing around me! This show means the world to me, and I’m so excited to share my heart on that stage! ​

James Ensley

Joanie Elmore

Jaidyn Ensley

Susan McClarty

Jade Purdin

Merri Beth Sartors

Rebekah Frazier

Vicki Mask

Tim Major

Chad Hughes

Brenda Hughes

Mary Holt

Lauren Ensley

Randy Holt

Quentin Cain

Jessica Maddux

Nancy Lawyer

Marty Boyd

Larry White

Erin Hall

Elizabeth Boyd

Geral Wood

Sarah Cain

Maida Escobar

Mary Bonds

Julie Meeks

Karen Rotert

Peyton Blanton

Tyler Blanton

LaCinda Adamson

Allyson Blanton

Liz Blanton

Mike Pride

Brooklyn Mueller

Genie Gallant

Andrea Brunson

Paula Hiseley

Katherine Bradfield

Rhonda Jullien

Lindsey Bennett

Kerry Huffer

Mark Temple

Amara Davis

C. Royce Collins

Brandee Butler

Reina Butler

Timothy Butler

Hope Jennings

Elizabeth S.

Daniel S.

Scott Taylor