My Parents are Crazy

by Ali Carlton


My parent’s are crazy

I hear about wild, unbelievable success stories all the time, we all do. We all wish we would have the gumption to go out out on a limb and create something or have our talent or hard work noticed. We have a desire to do something that makes a difference.

But what do you do when the opportunity presents itself? Is it an easy first step? Do you realize this is your golden opportunity? I don’t think we do, I know I don’t. Most of us want to play it safe. It’s hard to step out in faith and follow that crazy idea or do the extra work to go above the daily grind. I’ll be the first one to admit I get content in my daily bubble. 

When my parents said they wanted to take this show, this idea that I know in the deepest parts of my heart was God given, to a bigger stage to reach more people, I thought yea that would be awesome but I’m not sure I ever believed they would actually do it. Then when they said now is the time I panicked on the inside. The time? The money? The details? It’s too big. This is crazy talk! I never verbalized my hesitation because no one wants to be a dream squelcher. But then God started doing amazing things and it started with changing my heart. He said to me, you need to be all in. So I said ok.

Now don’t get me wrong, God would have kept moving whether I was on board or not. Now that I have jumped on board I have seen so many amazing things and have heard some amazing stories. God is moving, people! I believe with all my heart that he is looking down at my parents and saying, “My good and faithful servants!” And that is a mission, THAT is a crazy idea I want to get behind and be a part of! 

Here is the deal though, we can’t do it alone. It’s too big, it’s too important. We need you to jump on board. 

We need you to pray. 

We need you to commit to coming and supporting the show. 

We need donations. (Asking for money is scary! But it is necessary) 

Everyone can do at least 2 of those three things. Please jump on this wild ride with us!